Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Donald Trump will do just fine.

Donald Trump - Our President elected is a man with a big heart. He can act like a kid, therefore, got himself elected. He likes to use social media. He uses "tweeting" as his way of communicating his opinion in different matters. Ho got rid of the middle man. His opinions come from his heart. When he teases or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner, he imitates what he saw and he expresses how he perceived it. Like kids do. I know, he mocked people, as others are mocking him right now on Saturday night live. At least he expresses his desires. Be it good or not. Whatever he said to get elected will change, for he will ponder, as we too ponder whether it is a good idea to build a wall with taxpayer's money right now, or if one must take care of different matters. Such as?  "to think or consider especially quietly, soberly, and deeply " With the help of an entire team he will do just that.   What he promised will be evaluated. Perception can be deceiving.

Barrack Obama - Our actual President - Today 1/9/2017 -  Barrack Obama will close his presidency with a golden key. He (president-ed) our country smartly. People have jobs. He won a Nobel Prize.

As far as his big heart, Donald Trump is not self-destructive. He doesn't do drugs, or smoke, or cheats. He is what you see. He is focused, and he will buy the best of the best of anything you can imagine. He will buy (in a sense of paying for), the best engineers, scientists, hackers, geeks, and you name it. He will protect humanity, but he will make it be known how he will do it before he attempts to do it. You will have a saying in everything he does. He will publish it first hand. Just be accustomed with his way of being. He can be short tempered, and express it loudly. So what? People are short tempered at times. His united family depicts the size of his heart.

As far as acting like a kid... His is a successful businessman and it speaks for itself.

Go Trump


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