Monday, January 26, 2015

Genetically modified everything!

Genetically modified EVERYTHING!
We humans are composed with a DNA configuration that has in it every single existing DNA in the universe.  In our DNA we can find traces of DNA of any species that ever existed in this earth. We are talking about billions of years. We came from out of space, as powder, bacteria and virus, and we evolved, not by creating new strings of DNA, but awaken what we have inherited. As the earth changed so did we. We at one time lived in the water, and later became animals and now we call ourselves humans. The major difference between a human and a monkey is the brain configuration, which is also part of the DNA. The transition from humans to monkeys did not happen as stated by Darwin, by selective manner. It happened by simply awaken our DNA to adjust with our environment. The entire configuration was there and it occurred naturally on earth. We have different eras with different types of animals living on earth, until we achieved a level of human beings taking place and many animals vanishing.
As I am writing this post, I know that many species of animals are vanishing; giving place to other species that can take the heat. This way life has been. But Darwin forgot that the DNA was there at all times. It was not creating as we grow.
Because the earth is only 4 and half billions years old, we are where we are by getting here naturally. Therefore it is fair to say that in an environment earth -like, it would take this much time for us to be where we are today, naturally.
We are made in the image of God, and for this reason our brain has achieved the capability of turning us into God-like beings.  We could have been animals for another trillion of years; yet, our DNA would have within it the entire configuration of a human, yet, not awaken.  
When we evolved into Monkeys, there were at least fourteen species fighting for space. One survived and we called it Homo sapiens. Every human is called Homo sapiens. The DNA configuration of humans made possible for mankind to survive in the earth environment, and with the help of God we then achieved our reasoning, thinking, planning, emotions, and certain feelings we did not see in animals. We also developed the speech coordination.  Homo sapiens developed their brain in size. This development opened communication with various strings of DNA configuration necessary to survive, and also to feel sorrow.
We have not found the link between Homo sapiens and monkeys simply because the brain development came along with spirituality, and it was given to us by God. Without God we would be animals.
Think for a moment, that the earth having 4.5 billions of years, we are where we are today. What would it be if the earth had 13 billion of years?
Knowing that we are the result of star explosions and dust, and we developed as we did because the earth has been what it has been, giving space to different species as time went by, we can predict that there are beings that have developed their brain configuration based on their longevity as species. So it is fair to say that in the entire universe we have beings more intelligent, or more developed just by being older than us a few billion years.
Now, at our age, we are able to study DNA and even pin point areas of the brain where it is more active. We can easily combine our DNA with anything that exist and create a different life form.  Yes, we can create half a man and half animal, if it is necessary, but what for? Just understanding that we can do it, we already passed the point of creating monsters.

Very soon we will live to be looking young forever, but we will not live forever because whenever we manipulate DNA without understanding the environment, we are creating short lived beings. It doesn't matter how much we try to replicate a human being, we will not achieve eternity because it comes with adapting to different areas. We cannot survive in cold temperature, unless we are trained since children to accept the cold. The same will be with anything we modify. It can be good for a short period of time, but there will be consequences due to the artificiality of the thing. We can modify food and make them stay fresh for a longer period of time, but at the same time we get sicker and develop cancer in a faster pace. Unfortunately we are not able to genetically modify anything by adding DNA( for it is a destruction). We can modify by awakening what we already have.  We can alter, or awake certain strings we think would do the job, but we never know, and never will know if it will be the secret for eternity. But we can not take the DNA of one animal and inject into another, for we have it all already. We just need to learn how to wake them up.

I believe that most aliens have played this game, and they arrived where they are today, playing Gods to a vast population that acquired brains, and inducing them to get a jump start into the new DNA configuration that will survive it all, but needless to say, they have no idea what needs to be done.

They are souls who are living forever, and going from one place to another, but never living the darkness.  They play Gods to most governmental institution by teaching reverse-engineering, but they cannot bring peace. They refused God - as we are doing it right now!

When we inherited from God our brain capability, it came with responsibility. One was not to destroy our earth, and respect the environment. The other was not to kill. We failed on both. Now, without any experience we are already creating clones, and replicas of people. We are mixing and altering DNA, when we should only awaken them – We have it within us.

Yes, it is agreeable that we can make dormant a gene responsible for obesity, but it will shorten a human life to a minimum because that obesity is already a result of another genetically modified DNA we ate, or we placed into our system, and it awoke strings that should be sleeping on the first place.

The pharmaceutical industry lives and breathes ‘altering DNA drugs’ to put into our body. Almost everyone takes pills. We are killing ourselves by allowing people to alter our lives. We are not using our brain to better ourselves, but to conquer more and more money – for nothing – once dead, the money stays here.
Humans are playing with embryos. We are replicating them, and we are even creating them in labs. We can create them as we can discard them, without any value for life. We create life, and we destroy it to make one life better. We have no regard for life, and we were told once that this is our chance to redeem ourselves, and have eternal life in a paradise where we can be anything we want, and transform ourselves into anything. We were offered a place where we find peace and comfort, and ultimately love. But we are being guided by a malignant force. We became the dormant ones. 

The only problem is that we have no idea what we are doing, and those who are teaching us, have their agenda. If we are receiving help from extra-terrestrial intelligence, they can consider themselves God to us, but in reality they are lost souls, who have lost God a long time ago. They go from place to place in the darkness, in search of whatever they need to survive with their DNA configuration.

As a DOG thinks that humans are God, we can easily think they are gods because they have given us for the last 100 years more knowledge than we have achieved in 2000 years. Yet, it is deceiving. Their agenda is too secretive.  They do not appear in the sky every day. They do not participate in our lives, except by giving us technology, which will backfire whenever we do not have electricity. And soon we may end up without electricity.

We have created so much comfort to our body that our DNA is already changing without us even noticing it. No one can live without TV, or internet, and water only comes when there is electricity. An elevator only operates with electricity, and a bank card will have no value when we lose some of our technology. In other words, we are placing ourselves in their mercy.

I know, it sounds absurd to imagine that Aliens are among us, but they are. How can we explain this sudden interest in our lives? Why are they so interested on us? I am sure they have an agenda, as we do when we spend billions of dollars sending a man to Mars or to the moon. We are looking for pure gold as they are as well. With Gold we can create anti-gravity machinery to travel 10 times the speed of light. They will teach us, and soon we will forget our messenger, Jesus Christ, who came here to lead us into an exit of this repetition.

In less than one hundred years we have achieved technology we never imagined existed, and we are soon getting into teleportation, and whatever else we can get. Meanwhile, we are destroying our rivers, our oceans, and our atmosphere. We have no regards for human life and we care only about money. We have no idea how to make peace! We want what others have. 
Is this a life we are supposed to live?

The biggest sin, so far, humans are doing at this time is the loss of regard for life. Yes, we are killing left and right, and we are also killing little children by neglecting those who are alive. We are spending billions to keep laws anti-abortion, which, we don’t follow. We are a mess!
Since genetically modified food was introduced, we have seen thousands of cases of diverticulitis in middle aged humans, along with premature death of infants. We have more deaths from cancer than ever before. Breast Cancer is in its highest.

I planted an avocado tree to find out that the seed inside the avocado was not fertile. It was genetically modified and it would not grow fruit. So, I cared for an avocado tree for seven years to never seen an avocado. I planted passion fruit, and got only passion flower, for it was created to be an ornamental tree.
All of these modified seeds come with altering DNA (trigger) configuration in humans, and unfortunately the only winners are the drug industry and the hospitals.
Yes, this system of things is a mess. Money is the root of all evil.
People forgot that they cannot take their money with them after they die, and those who inherit it, will be poor of spirit.

This undated photo made available by Oxitec shows a genetically modified Aedes aegypti mosquito in their U.K. lab. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering releasing the non-biting male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes modified by Oxitec to pass along a birth defect to their progeny, thus killing off the next generation of the mosquitoes that can carry dengue and chikungunya. The FDA is planning to release the mosquitos in a neighborhood of 444 homes near Key West, Fla. (AP Photo/Oxitec, Derric Nimmo)

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