Friday, August 19, 2016

Swimmers at the Olympics 2016 and their tale.

The 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil is memorable. For starters, the opening was simply fascinating, as it has always been since its inception. Brazil has won 123 medals since it's first participation, not counting this year. The city of Rio de Janeiro is marvelous. The whole world noticed that. I am proud of Brazil.
The incident that occurred at the gas station was blown out of proportion. The whole word watched the 4 swimmers athletes, which claimed that they had been robbed by people disguised as officers. Today, we don't know if they were simply drunk and vandalized a bathroom, or if they were in search of empathy. They thought the Brazilian Justice would not investigate. Now they are in hot waters. They have to clarify so many discrepancies in their tales, that may cause a fall from grace for them.
We don't creat tales about a country. It is enough that we fabricate stories that involve people, but when one decides to put down a country, it can be serious for that person.

I understand that kids can do silly things, and these athletes are kids. They acted as kids. They were under the influence of alcohol or whatever they had before.  I think they should be forgiven. I think Brazil can get over it, as long as the media portrays the reality that they made a mistake. As long as they recognize that it was stupid to fabricate a story that a gun was laced against one's head, etc, etc.

I hope this incident serve as a positive note that Brazil and Rio are places where one can visit and be safe. If the media is able to portray this, everyone will learn a lesson. My prayers go to these kids and to the investigation body.

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